Amnesty coming for Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca homeowners of partly illegal properties

There is a potential amnesty on the way for the legalization of approximately 30,000 homes in The Balearics, where they have been constructed on Balearic Rural Land ( LOUS)

It is estimated that about 1,000 properties in Ibiza , and roughly 30,000 homes on Mallorca, may be able to take advantage of a 3 year amnesty that is about to be launched.

The plan is for a new legal system, for the regulation of rural land, where there is the possibility for property owners to legalize building work undertaken, where permission was neither sought, nor granted. This could include house extensions, swimming pools, terraces or basements.

This is not planned to apply to properties in areas where they are protected by the Law of Natural Areas, which goes back to 1991, and it’s not for buildings of less than 8 years in age.

Visit the web site: Palma Lawyer will be on hand to advise whether your property might be included in the planned amnesty. Contact them for a free consultation.

Here’s what they will be able to do for you, if they believe your case applies:

Analyse your case.

They review your case, and discuss the technicalities with an architect

Organise for the payment of any sanctions or stamp duty

Because the property has been improved, they will arrange for the necessary licences from the council. They will also arrange for the payment of any outstanding stamp duty. Finally, we will assess the cost of any sanction. This is usually 15% of the value of the home, or installation, if this is processed in the first year. After that, the cost rises.

Oversee any technical work needed in construction

If there’s any construction work required to adapt, or improve, the property they will oversee it. This is likely to be required in order to obtain a housing certificate for things like a sceptic tank.

The paperwork: Registration with the Property Registration Office

They will prepare the Declaration of Works so that the Land registry can be altered to reflect the legal changes. They then attend the Property Registry Office and the Land Registry Office.

If there is minor work to be changed, this can be done by us at the Town hall.

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