We offer a free property finder service in Mallorca.

Our full property search service is for buyers seeking to own a home in Mallorca. We are based in Palma de Mallorca.

We don’t charge the buyer for the service.

Zoe and David - property finder services mallorcaWe have been quietly helping our customers to buy in Mallorca for over 20 years. In that time, we have gained vast experience and we are happy to pass that experience on. We know what to avoid and how to by-pass certain systems so that our customers have the home that they desire in the shortest time and for the least cost.

When a client asks us for a recommendation, we don’t offer another company’s services unless we have had personal experience of them and the service has to be efficient, competitive and professional.

We recommend certain services such as property lawyers, foreign exchange and mortgage brokers because we use them ourselves. We are happy with their services and believe they offer the best service available for you.

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Mortgage services:

Buying a home is just one element in the whole ownership process. A good mortgage broker can ensure that you get the very best mortgage loan that suits your circumstances today, and a loan arrangement that falls within your plans for the future.

property finder services mallorca Nicky at Spain MortgageBest deals: We regularly suggest that our clients use the services of a locally-connected professional mortgage broker because she is offered mortgage loan arrangements from Spanish and International banks that the public are unlikely to ever be offered. Because of this, our clients are offered much better deals. Generally, our clients will be offered several choices to suit their circumstances.

In the first instance, we recommend that you have a brief chat with Nicky over the phone. This will help to assess whether your aspirations are realistic and Nicky will be able to provide a guide on the likely costs of an appropriate mortgage.

Contact Nicky through this short form & she will call you back

Or, Call us & we will ask Nicky to contact you:

+44 (0)1767 679999

Property Lawyers:

Over the last two decades we have met some good lawyers, and some “not-so-good” ones.

property finder services mallorca Palma Lawyer property law servicesWhether you choose to use “Gatehouse International” to help you find a home, or not, we highly recommend this lawyer. He can be reached on Palma Lawyer. He’s Spanish, but speaks English with a clearer accent than us! He heads up a young, vibrant property law firm right in the centre of Palma de Mallorca.

We find that most of our customers use his firm. In the first instance, may we suggest that you simply ask for a list of all likely property purchase costs based on your intended purchase price using the short form. You will receive a simple statement of likely costs. It’s then up to you if you wish to take it further.

Or, Call us & we will ask the lawyer to contact you:

+44 (0)1767 679999

Contact our Balearic Property Lawyer here.

Other Property finder services Mallorca:

We have other services that you may be interested in, such as safe and efficient currency exchange at better rates than those offered by the banks.

Currency exchange and efficient money transfers:

We recommend our currency partners FX-foreignexchange | GCEN .

FX-foreignexchange | GCEN are one of the UK’s leading foreign exchange companies, with over 20 years of Currency Market experience. It’s main office is located on the outskirts of London, with other GCEN offices in Dubai, Spain and Portugal.

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